YEZITRONIX Educational Ultrasound Phantom

The teaching task is specifically designed to address the target users who are new to imaging anatomy

Figure 1- educational.gif

A set of 5 objects, placed at different levels, in different orientations and angles, composed of an Ultrasound material.

Yezitronix' Educational Ultrasound Phantom:

The learning activity draws on the student's ability to visualise common objects in 3D space and to think about what they'd see if they were to slice the objects apart.

We use a variety of toys, of about the same size, that are placed at different levels (planes), in different orientations and angles within the matrix.

The student task is to hold a common object such as a toy car in their hand while they scan and work out the orientation of the object within the gel. This begins the acquisition of the skills of ultrasound beam orientation and object orientation and display on the screen.

Our gel is opaque so that the objects orientation is not discernable/ visible.
Figure 2-educational.gif

Opaque Compound containing the objects

Figure 3-educational.gif

The ultrasound block with a plate underneath, covered with a skin like material

Figure 4-educational.gif

2 Gorillas, on the left, plastic made black Gorilla.
On the right, ultrasound friendly material.

Figure 5-educational.jpg

Ultrasound Gorilla - Front view

Figure 6-educational.jpg

Ultrasound Gorilla - Side view.

Figure 7-educational.jpg

Ultrasound hippopotamus.

Download PDF: Educational Ultrasound Phantom PDF