Multimodality Breast Phantom

Most Accurate Breast Phantom Mimicking Device for Ultrasound, MRI, CT, Elastography modalities


Large Breast Phantom


Supine Breast Phantom

Yezitronix' Breast Phantom Model B-RG-1.2 \ Breast Phantom Model B-MM-1.2 Multimodality is suitable for:

Fine needle aspiration training, guided needle biopsy procedures, robotic applications, testing, teaching and demonstration.

The breast phantom construct mimics average 3D shape, size, mechanical properties of a human breast.
Multimodality Breast Phantom image png

Ultrasound image of breast phantom lesions and cysts

Multimodality Breast Phantom schema image png
Multimodality Breast Phantom MRI 1

MRI image of breast phantom shows 3 lesions and 1 cyst

Multimodality Breast Phantom MRI 2

MRI image of breast phantom shows 2 cysts

Breast Phantom Mammography Video

Breast Phantom Mammography

Breast Phantom Mammography

Breastn Phantom Elastography colored image jpg

Breast Phantom Elastography (colored)

Breast Phantom Elasto black and white image jpg

Breast Phantom Elasto (black & white)


Multi-layer material - each tissue (fat, cysts or lesions) is independent and has its own characteristics defined by a real 3D shape, and mechanical properties.

There are embedded cysts and lesions in the breast phantom to simulate biopsies or needle aspiration procedures.

Multiple usages of the same packaged breast phantom during an extended period of time (needle tracks fade with time).

Breast dimension:
Diameter: 10.5 cm
High: 8.0 cm
Enclosure dimension:
Diameter:15.5 cm
High:8.3 cm

Suitable for :
OEMs. medical devices simulation, robotic system calibration, hospitals, clinics, med schools training and demonstrations.

Available Models :

Technology developed with the collaboration of the scientists from NRCC-National Research Council of Canada and surgeons at the department of urology at the London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, Canada.
Patent Pending.
All components are based on Yezitronix' new unique MajesticMix material.
Speed of propagation ~1540m/s